Advisers are firms that have either set up your pension scheme for you, or you have chosen to outsource your pension obligations to. An adviser is typically an IFA or Accountant who has set up your pension scheme for you. They may also be a payroll bureau that manages your regular payroll duties.

An adviser who manages your pension scheme must have an account on the Smart Pension Adviser Platform.

Your business can have one adviser who has created your scheme for you (IFA / Accountant) and another adviser (Payroll Bureau) who then manages your payroll for you.

Should you wish to replace one of these advisers or manage the scheme yourself, you can revoke access to an adviser at any point using the form below.

Revoking adviser permission

Use the instructions below to revoke access to your one of your company's advisers:

1 - Sign in to your account and go to Company Details

2 - Select Manage Advisers

The next screen will show the of all your advisers.

Press the blue Revoke Access button next to the adviser name you want to remove for the list of your advisers.

Should you revoke access to an existing adviser by mistake, you can easily add them back again by sending them an invitation to manage your account.

You can send an adviser invitation or view the status of an existing invitation on the Adviser Invitations page.

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