Assess your employees and calculate their contributions.

If you are using a payroll application that doesn't include assessment then we can assess your employees and calculate their pension contributions for you. This page describes how to do this.

The video below shows how to use Smart Pension to assess your staff and calculate their pension contributions. 

If your payroll application does calculate pension contributions, please use the pre-calculated option to upload your payroll. If you have read the information on this page and are ready to assess your employees you can get started by clicking the button below:

Assessing & Calculating Contributions.

After your have added employees to your scheme you can assess them to see if they are eligible to join the scheme.

We assesses your employees and calculate their pension contributions in one go. In addition to the employee details, you will need their gross qualifying earnings, the pay frequency (weekly, monthly, etc) and the start and end date of the pay period.

1 - Download a template
You can download a .CSV or .XLS file. This file lists all current employees. You can then add details into three fields:

2 - Gross qualifying earnings
Add the qualifying earnings for each employee. This is the amount of pay that is applicable for calculating pension contributions. Typically this is the amount the employee sees on their pay slip.

3 - Pay reference period type
This is how often they get paid:
4 weekly

4 - Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC)
If the employee wishes to make an additional contribution to their scheme, on-top of the minimum contribution percentages, this is done here. You simply add a fixed number, i.e. if the employee wanted to add an extra £50 to the scheme, just add 50 to this field for that employee. This is '0' by default.

Once you have completed the template, use the form above to upload your file and then set the start and end date of your pay period.

NB - if you have set the pay reference period as weekly in your file and then set the start and end date as the 1st and 31st of the month the file will be rejected. The pay reference period must always match a valid period

Once you have imported a file, you can view the results of the import on the results page. 

Click the view contributions link to view the results on the contributions page. Below is an example of what the contribution page looks like.

We will debit your account at midnight on the 6th of each month for any current contributions. So you have until that date to edit your contributions should you need to. If you have made a mistake, you can edit an existing contribution, or delete them and upload them again.

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