If you want to assess your employees and upload your pension contributions, you can click on the button below: 


Before you can enrol your employees into a pension scheme, their eligibility must be assessed. Employees are assessed using many factors including their age, how much they earn and when they get paid (weekly, monthly, etc.). Once pension contributions are calculated based on the employer and employee percentages, these amounts are then invested in the pension scheme for each employee. 

Do you want us to calculate contributions?

If your payroll application does not do assessment, you can use our application to assess your employees and calculate contributions. You can then export these details back into your payroll application. 

Did your payroll application calculate your contributions?

If your payroll application does support assessment, you can upload a single file with details of your employees and their assessed category as well as their contributions. You can use this process to add employees to your account. 

Employees contribution & Opt out info

If you are using your payroll application to calculate pension contributions you need to collect the latest, opt out / opt in and employee contribution percentage information BEFORE you run your payroll. You can download a sheet of the latest data from this page.

If your payroll application is directly integrated with our API, it will collect this information for you. 


Once you have assessed your employees and calculated their contributions using either method their contributions that are about to be invested are displayed here. You can edit or delete contributions if they are unpaid; contributions are deducted on the 6th of each month. 

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