You can access your contributions page from the button below:

How do I see pending contributions?

The page above shows only paid contributions. If  want to see your previous contributions select 'Change View' and choose Pending Contributions.
You can also select the 'All contributions' view which shows both paid and unpaid contributions. You can also see the payment status of contribution in the 'Paid' column. 

Table details


The assessment result for an employee is listed in the category column.

  • Eligible: A worker who has been automatically enrolled into the pension scheme and will contribute. An eligible worker can choose to opt out.
  • Non-Eligible: A worker who has not been automatically enrolled but can choose to opt in. If they opt in the employer must pay employer contributions.
  • Entitled: A worker who has not been automatically enrolled but can choose to opt in. If they opt in the employer can elect to pay employer contributions but is not obliged to do so.


This is the start and end date of the pay period for this contribution. 


This is split into gross qualifying earnings and pensionable earnings, this is the amount of pensionable pay you used to calculate pension contributions.

Employer / Employee Contributions

These fields show the breakdown of employer and employee contributions as well as the percentages used to achieve these sums. The last column shows the total amount of these two columns. 

N.B: The employee contribution includes the amount of tax relief. We operate a net pay arrangement for tax relief. For more information on this see our help page. 

How much is in my pension?

While this page lists all your transactions, it is not a reflection the exact total of your pension scheme. As you put money into your pension and it grows and each year, we will send you a letter that details the total valuation of your pension. The statement presents your total contributions but also how much your pension has grown by as a result of the chosen fund.

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