To upload pre-assessed pension contributions we use the Payroll And Pensions Data Interface Standard: Papdis 1.0 . You can upload pension contributions to us in this way using a .CSV or .XML file from a report generated within your payroll application.

Papdis is a standard that was developed by a group of payroll and pension providers so it is likely that your payroll application can already produce a Papdis 1.0 file. 

A wide variety of popular payroll providers can produce this file. Here are some of payroll providers that we know support it:

Sage, Bond, Star, Qtac, Moorepay, Moneysoft, Iris, QuickBooks, Payroo, MyPaye, TyCom, The Payroll Site and many more.

Many other payroll applications support the Papdis 1.0 standard. If you are ready to get started, click the button below.

This video below explains how to upload a Papdis file to your Smart Pension account.

If your application does not currently support the Papdis standard we can help with setting up a compatible export using the in-built report designer in your payroll software.

This video explains how to create a Papdis file.

If you want to produce this report in your payroll application click the links below. If you have not done this before we recommend asking your payroll provider for help producing this report.

Download a sample papdis file

Download supporting documentation

How you can use a Papdis file with Smart Pension:

  • Use your own payroll application to assess your staff.
  • Create and Update existing employee records.
  • Submit pre-calculated pension contributions.
  • Include assessment results and we will write to your employees with the relevant statutory letters.
  • Set your pay period start and end date, we accept all frequencies: Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual, Annual
  • Once uploaded you can edit or delete records if you have made a mistake.
  • Pension contributions are deducted on the 6th of the month so this is the deadline for making changes.
  • Submit Opt Out or employee leave dates as part of the same file.

Useful Tips

  • Ensure you have copied the header names exactly.
  • You can use various date formats YYYY/MM/DD 2016/12/30 or YYYY-MM-DD 2016-12-30
  • PensionProviderId: smartpension (lowercase)
  • EmployerId this is your Smart Pension Company ID. You can find this number by looking in your account under update Company > Company Slug
  • Group is a required field.
    • You can create different contribution groups (managers, sales etc) within your Smart Pension account, add the group name per employee to this field.
    • If you don't want to use groups then just add the word default (lowercase) to this field for each employee.
  • EmployeeId this is your internal reference for your employees. Typically this is your payroll reference.
    • This has to be unique to avoid creating duplicate records.
    • If you have existing employees set up in your Smart Pension account, update their employee profile with your payroll reference before you upload your Papdis file.
  • AssessmentCode & EventCode these are numeric values that are produced by your payroll application. If your payroll application does not provide these codes we can accept the equivilant word. i.e. 1 could also be Eligible Jobholder. Details below.
  • Postcodes have to be formatted correctly. Check that the postcode is complete and includes a space.
  • Updating and creating employee records using Papdis
    • When uploading a Papdis file you can change employee details stored on the Smart Pension account with new details i.e. employee home address.
    • You can also create new employees using the Papdis file. Just make sure they have not been set up on the Smart Pension account first.

This page covers most of the popular questions, but for further details, please visit our payroll support page.

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