How do I upload a new file?

To upload a Papdis file go to the pre-assessed contributions page (Menu > Contribution and Payroll > Pre-assessed contributions). Either drag and drop a .CSV file or click on ‘Select a file’ 

There are three possible results:

Successful uploaded

If all the records in the file are correctly imported, the file result will be a success and the number of contributions created will be displayed.  Please note, the system can only check if the fields are complete and the format is correct - the values may be incorrect if entered incorrectly on the file. 

To view the contributions created from your file upload, select ‘View all contributions’

Errors detected

The system reads each line of the Papdis file and processes them one by one. If the result shows as ‘Errors detected’, this means some records have been imported successfully but some have failed. For example, a member may be missing a previous contribution record and so the contribution record on the file you are uploading will not import, resulting in an ‘Errors detected’ import.

To view the errors, click on the ‘View errors’ button.

The page will show you the following:

  • Actions completed
  • Errors detected

You will then see the list of the errors that have been detected in the file. For further help in fixing the errors, please see our Papdis errors page.

Once you have resolved the errors, you will need to import another file.

Important: you must only upload the corrected records, do not try and re-import your successful records as this will result in further errors detected (as the system will not duplicate the contribution information).


If the contents of the file could not be imported, the result will be a fail. Click on ‘View details’ to check the reason for the failure.

This means no records have been imported. For example, the file may be in the incorrect format (it must be a .CSV file, not a .XLS file), or there may be some missing mandatory information such as the employee’s payroll ID or postcode. 

Once you have resolved the errors, you should import the full file again.

What happens if?

  • If you have uploaded your file successfully but then need to make changes, you can edit or delete the contribution records by going to Menu > Contributions and Payroll > Contributions. If the contribution is still editable (i.e. has not yet been paid by direct debit) then you will see the option to update it (pencil icon) or the option to delete it (bin icon). 
  • If there are no options to edit or delete the contribution record, please contact us at (for direct employers) or (for advisers and adviser related clients)
  • Please ensure you have deleted any contribution records before attempting to upload a revised file, otherwise, the file will have an ‘Errors detected’ result.

For further information on submitting pension contributions, please visit our payroll support page.

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