When you upload a file we import the data and can then match it against employees in the account and also any previous contributions. If there are any errors with this data we can easily tell you what the issue is.
But if we can't import the file because it is not a supported format the state of the file will be Fail.

Before uploading a file, please make sure that all the columns in your file exactly match the example file on here payroll support.

What is a supported format?
We support CSV or XML only. 

If your file is a PDF, XLS or DOC etc it will not be imported and the state of the file will be Fail.

My file is a CSV but it still says Fail?
This can happen if the file contains missing or extra 'unexpected' information.
Check that the file contains all columns, see an example of a correctly formatted file on here payroll support.
For example:
Is the company ID field filled out correctly?
You can find your company ID under Company Details > Edit Company > Company Slug.

Is the group field empty?
This is a mandatory field but if you don't want to set an employer contribution group you can just use the word 'default' for all fields.
Check there are no missing cells i.e. partially complete rows.
Also, check you have not added any extra cells elsewhere in the file. i.e. some people like to SUM the total contributions column before uploading. This creates an extra row thus making the file invalid.

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