What is Papdis?

This is a Payroll and Pensions Data Interface standard that was developed by a group of payroll and pension providers. In most cases, your payroll will be able to produce a Papdis 1.0 file as standard. 

This file can be created by any one of the below providers:

Bond, Iris, Moneysoft, Moorepay, MyPaye, Payroo, Quickbooks (desktop), Qtac, Sage, Star, The Payroll Site, Xero and many more.

For further information on compatible payroll providers, please visit our payroll support page. 

Who should use a Papdis file?

The Papdis file is used by employers who have assessed their employees within their payroll and want to submit the pension contribution information to their Smart Pension account.

The Papdis file can be used for the following actions:

  • Create new employee records
  • Update existing employee records
  • Manage postponement for employee records
  • Submit assessment data
  • Submit pension contributions¬†

You can view what a Papdis file looks like and what information they contain by clicking on the links below:

Download a sample papdis file

Download supporting documentation

Important: In order to use a Papdis file, you must ensure each employee record has an employee ID (payroll ID) as this is used to match the contributions to the employees. This number must be unique and not change.

You can keep track of all the pre-assessed files you have uploaded by clicking (Menu > Contribution and Payroll > Pre-assessed contributions) the table lists the summary of the files and allows you to view or download each file. You can see the result, file name and the date the file was uploaded.

For information on how to upload a Papdis file, please visit our How to upload a Papdis file page.

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