Clicking on the View button of a Pre Assessed Contribution File shows the results of the file you have uploaded. 

Each employee may have two results. Having trouble uploading your Papdis file? See our Papdis Errors page. 

Create / Update employee?

Uploading files in this way allows you to both create new employees or update the details of existing employees.

N.B. We show a success message each time we can locate an existing employee even if you have not changed their details.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you include your employee ID (Payroll ID) with each file. This is so we can correctly match existing employees.
If you have existing employees set up on the Smart Pension account and are uploading a new file it is important that these employees have an external ID (your payroll ID) added to their profile. See the Employee section under Scheme Setup for more information on how to do this. 


The next line details the results of the assessment / contribution that you may have included in the file.
If the contribution details are correct then the status will say 'success' and a green tick will appear next to the result on the right-hand side.
If the details in the file don't match with expected results then the status will say 'fail' and an error message for this issue will appear on the right-hand side.
This can happen if you are uploading contributions but have missed a known pay period for that employee. i.e. the company staged in March but you are uploading contributions in April and not including the March dates. 

Correcting an issue with the file

Read the error message and correct your file to suit. i.e change the dates to include any missed pay periods. Once you are happy with the changes you can upload the same file again. This will be treated as a new file and you can see if it is then successful. 

How to view the successful results

If your file includes contributions, you can see successfully imported contributions in the Pending Contributions table in the Payroll section.

For more information on how to create a correctly formatted pre-assessed payroll file see our payroll support page.

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