On the Pre-assessed contributions page you can list all the pre-assessed files you have uploaded. The table lists the summary of the files and allows you to view or download each file. You can see the state, file name (the name you gave the CSV file) and the date you uploaded the file. You can sort this table by clicking the heading in the date column. 

How do I upload a new file?

Click the Actions button to upload a new file. 

What do the states mean?

Next to each file you can see the state of the file. The state is a quick way to see if the details in the file were successfully imported. 


Should all details in the file be correctly imported then the state of the file will be 'Success'. Well done you!

If your file includes contributions, you can see successfully imported contributions in the Pending Contributions table in the Payroll section. 

Partial success

If some of the details were imported correctly but others failed the state of the file will be shown as 'Partial success'. For example, this can happen if the employee details were located and updated correctly, but there was a problem with their contribution information. We treat both actions separately for each member meaning this update was partially successful.

You can edit the file to correct the issue and then upload it again. This will be treated as a new file and you can see if it is then successful. 


If the contents of the file could not be imported the file state will be marked as 'Fail'. Click the view button to see the reported errors. If we couldn't provide an error it is likely the file format is not correct. We can only provide errors for files we can read. N.B. We cannot accept an XLS or PDF file. It needs to be a CSV or XML file. If your file is a CSV but it still fails see the link below for more details.

Having trouble uploading your Papdis file? See our Papdis Errors page.

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