We must provide you with a statement each year no later than 7 months after the end of the scheme's financial year end.  The Autoenrolment.co.uk Master Trust scheme's financial year is 30 June so statements will be issued no later than January of the following year.

The GenLife Master Trust scheme's latest year end was 31 March 2016 and statements were issued in October 2016.


We will message you, using the email address we have for you, to tell you when your statement is ready.  It will be in the Messages section of your online member portal.

For those members who have not provided an email address we will contact your employer asking them to tell you to access your portal (using the temporary log in details we asked them to pass on to you) to view your statement.

Where we believe you have left your workplace pension employer we will contact you by email or post the statement to your last known address.

More detail on specific statement issuance

GenLife Statements for year ending 31Mar2016 - see HERE

Smart Pension (Autoenrolment.co.uk Master Trust) Statements for year ending 30 June 2016 - see HERE

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