Smart Pension is a low cost online platform and it is designed for members to manage all aspects of their workplace pension online via their member portal. We are able to provide a low-cost service only if the vast majority of employers and employees manage their pension requirements online.

If you have any questions about your pension or member portal (e.g. log-in, opt-out, cease membership, what happens when you leave your employer etc.) we are confident you will find the answers on our FAQ page.

So, before you get in contact, please have a look at our Employee Support page.

If you don't find the answer you are looking for then you may contact the Employee Support team in a number of different ways:

1.  Online chat, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday;

2. By Email to (please state your name and your company name in the subject line);

3. Telephone (we provide a limited telephone support between 11am - 2pm from Monday to Friday to deal with issues like logging on, or those few employees with no access to the internet). Outside of these hours you can leave a voicemail (please state your full name, employer name and the reason for your call) but email is preferred and you will get a quicker response.
Our number is 0333 666 2626.

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