What should my employer do?

It's your employer's responsibility to advise Smart Pension you have ceased employment and provide us with a leaving date - they do this by directly updating your details via their account with us (here's how) or when they upload payroll data to our website.

What are my options?

If you are below the age of 55 years, you have two main choices available to you:

  1. Do nothing and leave your pension pot with us (we will continue to send you annual statements and tell you when you can draw your pension); or
  2. Transfer your pension to another scheme (e.g. your new employer's scheme if they have one); Please visit our Transfers page for more information how to initiate the process.

If you are aged 55 years or older, you can still do nothing or transfer your pension but you are also able to action your retirement options - for what that means, please click here.

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