We don't take money from you and so can't pay you back

Firstly, Smart Pension does not deduct anything from your salary/wages/pay packet etc. and cannot reimburse you directly for any deductions - only your employer's payroll department (or agent) can do that.

Smart Pension may help your employer to calculate pension contributions but often we are simply told the amounts we should collect.  We debit your employer with a single payment each month via direct debit for all employees in the pension scheme.

If you opt out via your member's portal, we immediately send an email to your employer's Point of Contact telling them this - they should adjust subsequent payrolls to reimburse you and not deduct from your salary going forward.

If I've Opted Out why am I still seeing deductions from my wages?

Occasionally your employer fails to act on the email we send them or it is received too late to change the next payroll and you could be debited for another week/month.  If you have opted out and:

  1. Do not receive a refund when you expected it; or
  2. Continue to experience deductions to your weekly / monthly salary;

please contact your payroll department to confirm they have received confirmation of your Opt Out and ask when you will receive your refund via your salary.

Please do not (or I refuse to give you permission to) deduct from my salary

To repeat, Smart Pension doesn't deduct any money from your salary and our message to you advising you are being Auto Enrolled may be based on your employer's payroll calculation for that month which can't be changed.  You have a month to Opt Out, you may see a deduction from your salary which will be refunded if you Opt Out within the window allowed. 

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