We don't take money directly from you, this is done via payroll

Smart Pension does not have any means to deduct anything from your salary/ wages/ pay packet .etc. and cannot reimburse you directly for any deductions - this can only be done by your employer or the person responsible for managing payroll.

Smart Pension may help your employer to calculate pension contributions. However, often we are simply told the amounts we should collect, and take payment for both employee and employer contributions via direct debit for all employees in the pension scheme.

If you opt out within your one month opt out window, we send an email to your employer (or the person assigned to receive such communications) telling them this - they should adjust subsequent payrolls to reimburse you and not deduct from your salary going forward.

If I've Opted Out why am I still seeing deductions from my wages?

Occasionally employers fail to act on the email we send them, or it is received too late to change the next payroll and you could be debited for another week/ month.  
If you have opted out and:

  1. Do not receive a refund when you expected it; or
  2. Continue to have contributions deducted from your wages;

You will need to contact your employer, or their payroll department, to confirm they have received confirmation of your Opt Out and ask when you will receive your refund of contributions via your salary.

If you haven't opted out within the one month opt out window

If you missed your one month opt out window, you will not be entitled to a refund.
At any point after your one month opt out window, you can choose to cease membership - this would stop future contributions being deducted however you would not be entitled to a refund for previous contributions. Please click here for further information on ceasing your membership.

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