Increasing your regular contribution percentage 

For most members, the current contribution percentage will be 1% of your pensionable earnings (this will increase to 3% for most members in April 2018).  You can increase this to a higher percentage as follows: 

Log in to your member portal and from the Menu, select Profile Details from the drop-down box.

Then click Contribution percentage.      

Now you can slide the blue dot to the right to choose your desired percentage OR you can simply type in the required percentage on the line underneath.  Once complete, click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Make a one off contribution (an Additional Voluntary Contribution or 'AVC')

If you want to make an AVC of, say £500, to your pension pot, perhaps because you are due to receive a bonus, you can only do this by contacting your payroll department.

They will arrange the deduction from your salary, advise us within the payroll data they send to Smart Pension, and you will see the contribution appear in your member portal within a couple of weeks.

You cannot make an AVC contribution larger than the gross salary you earn in any one pay period; in such circumstances, we advise you to stagger the payment over two or more pay periods.

You can make these AVCs whenever your financial circumstances allow it, making it an incredibly flexible way of boosting your pension funds!

Please note that your employer is NOT obligated to match an increase in contribution percentage, or any AVC you may make, unless you have a contractual agreement with them that states they must do this.

For further information concerning your Annual Allowance, please visit The Pensions Advisory Service here.

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