If you are having difficulty logging into your account or updating your password on your mobile phone, tablet or PC it may be because private browsing mode is enabled. 

On an iphone or ipad, the top and bottom of the screen will appear darker when private browsing mode is enabled.

To switch this off you will need to click on the two squares in the bottom right hand corner. 

Then press 'Private' in the bottom left hand corner,

The top of the webpage will turn white and you should be able to log in as usual. 

If after switching off private browsing mode you are still unable to log into your account please contact the relevant support team.
Direct Employer Support - employer@smartpension.co.uk or 0333 666 2323
Direct Employee Support - employee@smartpension.co.uk or 0333 666 2626
Adviser Support at adviser@smartpension.co.uk or 0333 666 2020 - if you are an employer and your account is under an adviser, you will need to contact the adviser support team.

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