"I have no interest in a pension - please don't email me again!"
"I can't afford it - don't deduct anything from my wages"
"I already have a pension - I don't need this"
"I don't know anything about this"

It's the law

It's your employer's responsibility to assess you and (if eligible) to auto enrol you into a workplace pension scheme.  We send you messages by email on their behalf so don't ask us to stop bothering you.  If we don't have an email we provide letters to your employer to give to you.

Understand Auto Enrolment by watching a 2 minute video

Here's the link to the video and some other useful information for employees.

You control everything from your Smart Pension account

We can't opt you out over the telephone or by email (government rules are very strict) so don't ask us to.  Log into your account using your Activation email (if you received one) or using the temporary log in details on the letter given to you by your employer (if you've lost it, ask them for another one).

Having problems logging in?  Read how to log in with letter from employer or using email address

You can't Opt Out until you've been assessed

Some employees are frustrated by their inability to Opt Out when they first access their accounts.  This is often because their employer hasn't yet assessed them.  Don't panic - you've now gained access to your account and will be messaged again when you have been assessed.  If, at that stage, you are being Auto Enrolled, you will be able to Opt Out - see How do I Opt Out? 

How do I stop any deduction from my wages?

It's possible you can't.  The government has designed Auto Enrolment this way.  You join a scheme, but can Opt Out in the first month and if you do so, your contribution will be refunded via payroll the following month. 

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