"I have no interest in a pension - please don't email me again!"
"I can't afford it - don't deduct anything from my wages"
"I already have a pension - I don't need this"
"I don't know anything about this"

It's the law

Employers have a legal obligation to assess all employees age 16-74 (regardless of earnings, hours worked, preference .etc.) and to auto enrol any employees age 22 to state pension age who earn over £10,000 per year (£833 per month/£192 per week).

If you are assessed as an eligible jobholder (because you meet the criteria above) and are auto enrolled with us, you will be able to opt out. You would have one month from the date that you are auto enrolled on the account to opt out and be entitled to a refund. Opting out can be completed on your Smart Pension account or over the phone with a member of the support team on 03336 662 626 during office hours.

We send you messages via email on your employer's behalf. Part of your employer's legal obligation is to send certain correspondence to their employees. We appreciate that this whole process can be an inconvenience or an irritation for those who do not wish to take up the pension scheme, however, we hope you understand that it is a necessary process that your employer must go through. Please note, if we don't have an email address for you, we provide letters to your employer to give to you.

Understand Auto Enrolment by watching a 2 minute video

Here's the link to the video and some other useful information for employees.

You control everything from your Smart Pension account

You can manage all aspects of your pension with us via your online account, including managing your membership (e.g. opting in/out), increasing your contribution percentage, selecting your investment fund, completing your expression of wish and much more.

We hope you find the platform easy to use, however, we understand that not everyone is confident with computers and may have questions that they can't find the answer to on their account or via our help pages, so please feel free to contact us if this is the case.

Having problems logging in?  Read how to log in with letter from employer or using email address

You can't opt out until you've been assessed

You can only opt out of the scheme if you have been assessed on the account as 'eligible' and 'auto enrolled' - assessments should be done by your employer or the person responsible for managing the Smart Pension account. If you would like to know when this assessment will happen you will need to speak to them. You cannot opt out of the scheme if you have not been assessed, or if you've been assessed as a 'non eligible' jobholder or 'entitled' worker as this will mean you are not auto enrolled. If you've been auto enrolled and don't wish to participate in the scheme, please see  How do I Opt Out? 

How do I stop contributions being deducted from my wages?

If you've been assessed as 'eligible' and 'auto enrolled' you have one month to opt out, be entitled to a refund and to stop future contributions being deducted from your wages. 

If you've missed your one month opt out window, you can cease membership and this would stop future contributions being deducted from your wages, however, you wouldn't be entitled to a refund for any previous contributions. Click here for more information on ceasing your membership.

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