Log in to your account and click on the Contributions tab at the top of the page. Or click View Summary on your Dashboard.

This will show you how much is currently in your pension, and how much you and your employer have paid in since you started contributing to it. Only the contributions that have already been invested will be shown in this valuation. 

To change how much you contribute to your pension, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page. 

You can click on the Transfers tab to see any transfers you may have from previous pensions.

Scroll down the page to see a breakdown of each of the contributions that have been made over time. 

Understanding your contribution history

In the table you can pick and choose which columns to view. These include:

  • State - The current status of your contribution, ranging from "Created" through to "Invested." Only contributions that have been invested make up your pot value.

  • Category - Your employer assigns you a category when they assess if you are eligible to be automatically enrolled in their scheme. This is based on your age and earnings.

  • Starts on and Ends on - The start and end date of the pay period your contributions came from.

  • GQE -Gross qualifying earnings. The portion of your earnings that determine if you're eligible to be enrolled in the pension scheme.

  • PE - Pensionable earnings. The portion of your GQE that you can contribute to your pension as, in some cases, not all of your earnings are eligible.

  • AVC - Additional voluntary contributions. One-off contributions you've made to your pension through your employer.

  • Employer contributions and Employee contributions - The amounts that you and your employer each contributed during the pay period. These can be shown as monetary amounts or as percentages.

  • Total contributions -The total amount contributed by both you and your employer during the pay period.

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