The company account name is a reference for your company that you can use to match up data with, but also to access your online account with.

The account name appears in the website address or URL that you see in your browser. 

The picture below uses an example business called Fish and Chips. The business name is automatically added to the beginning of the website address when the account is created. People who work for this business can access their pension scheme online by visiting this address in their browser and signing in.

We send an email to all employees and administrators of the account with the exact website address that they need to view their account.

If you want to change your account name the administrator for the account can do so under Company Details > Update Company. Change the name in the 'Company account name' field and then press the blue update button at the bottom of the form to save this change.

Once you have changed the account name you will be redirected to your new website address with the new account name at the beginning of the URL.

What happens to old account names?
We remember all of your previous account names so if you change it after an email has gone to employees, links in your old emails will still work. We just redirect the old links to the latest account name.

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