When your account was created, we emailed you a link to your Smart Pension account. This will have included a unique URL that includes your company name at the beginning.

If you don't have that email handy, but you know your account name your can type it in on this page and then sign in with your usual email & password. Enter your account name here.

Once you have entered your account name, you will be asked to sign in with your usual email address and password.

My account was set up without my email address
If your account was set up without an email address you will have been given a letter with a Member ID and a temporary password. Please add the Member ID to the email address field above, then your temporary password. You will be prompted to change your password and we encourage you to add your home email address so we can send you important information about your pension, such as your statements.

Useful links

How do I find my account name

I have forgotten my password

Having difficulty logging onto your account? It may be because you have private browsing mode enabled. Please see this support page on how to switch this off.

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