When will I see my GenLife contributions in my Smart Pension portal?

We have been working to transfer contributions members made to the GenLife scheme to the Autoenrolment.co.uk Master Trust (AEMT) scheme. Whilst we had hoped this would be achieved sometime in fourth quarter of last year (Q4 2016), unfortunately, the complex legal process involving the winding up the GenLife scheme has slipped into Q1 2017. This means members won't see their GenLife contributions in their Smart Pension portal until sometime in Q2 2017.

Please be assured Smart Pension has every incentive to wind up the GenLife scheme as soon as possible to avoid the costs of two sets of trustees, pension administrators etc. In the meantime, all members should be reassured by: 

1  Receipt of GenLife Annual Statements for year ending 31 March 2016;

2  The ability to see all their contributions to AEMT scheme since the first date of contribution; and

3  The increased financial security they enjoy as members of AEMT (one of only 13 Master Trusts to have achieved both accreditation Master Trust Assurance Framework and listing by The Pensions Regulator.

Have we got your email?

Smart Pension communicates directly with members by email where we have an address for you.  If you didn't get this communication by email (e.g. you were handed this communication by your employer) we would appreciate receiving an email for you.  Your employer can do this for you or you can add one yourself by accessing your member portal and adding it via Profile Details.  If you're not sure about how, then email us on the address below.

Any other questions?

Don't forget you can contact the Smart Pension Employee Support team on the following email address: employee@smartpension.co.uk

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