If you want to manage your account, you can click on the "Profile Details" icon within the Menu.

Personal Details

You can edit your personal details, like your home address and contact details. 

Update Percentage

Use this form to increase or decrease your employee contribution percentage and see what your employer percentage is currently set to.

Security Settings

You can manage your security settings by changing your password or enabling two step verification. 

Pension Settings

This section is also where you can set your pension contribution percentage, view your past contributions and even select an investment fund for your contributions to go into. 

Investment Fund Options

We offer a number of fund options and you can manage these here. We have selected one for you based on your age, but the choice is yours should you wish to change it. 

Earn Rewards

Tell your friends about Smart Pension and you will earn gift vouchers to spend with some of your favourite brands.

Expression Of Wish

This is where you tell us who should be the beneficiary of your pension in the event of your death,

Scheme Booklet

Download a helpful document that explains everything you need to know about your Smart Pension Scheme.

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