We invest your pension contributions into a Legal & General fund and offer a number of different funds which are tailored for you based on your age.

You can see which fund you are currently using on the Investment Fund page in your profile page which looks like the form below:

What are the different funds?

There are currently five different funds you can choose from. One of the four default funds will be pre-selected for you based on your age. We also offer a Sharia fund for members wishing their pension contributions to be compliant with Islamic law. 

Does Smart Pension offer ethical fund options? 

Currently we do not have ethical fund options. However, Smart Pension's Board of Trustees are in the process of developing a broader ESG policy and in the meantime, an Ethical self-select fund will be made available in March 2018.

Can I change my fund?

You can change your fund at any time. Make your selection and we will change your fund type when we next invest your contributions.

You can find out more about our investment approach here

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