From February 2017 we will no longer require signatories to upload photo ID and Employers and Advisers will no longer see this as a task to be completed as part of a pension scheme set up.

Why has Smart Pension stopped this requirement?

We are always seeking ways to improve the sign up process for new employers and advisers to make things as efficient as possible without compromising on the highest regulatory standards.  

Almost two years after we signed up our first employer, we have reviewed our existing processes and confirmed the ability to perform sufficient background checks on employers without requiring their photographic identification.

We believe this improves the Employer experience and will be welcomed by many Advisers who often perform this task on their behalf.

What if I have already provided photo ID?

This change has no impact on Employers for whom photo ID has already been provided, although you will no longer be able to access files uploaded to our site in the past.   

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