Clicking on the following link will redirect you to a form which allows you to add new employees one at a time:

This is helpful if you have a small business and don't want to use our bulk upload tool

Adding a new employee

Use the instructions below to create a new employee.

1 - Sign in to your account and go to Scheme Setup

2 - Select Employees

The next screen will let you select the new employee page within the Actions menu.

3 - Complete fields

Clicking on New employee, the new employee form below will be shown.

You may also want to use this form to add new employees after you have set up your pension scheme. 

We strongly recommend that you complete all fields, especially the external ID (your payroll ID) so you can associate the employee within your own payroll application or process.

Press the blue Create button to create a new employee with the details you have just added.

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