The exports page can be found here, or by navigating from the main menu to the Contribution and Payroll page and then to Exports, shown below.

This page shows a comprehensive list of all the exports you've made on your account; once you have made a certain export from another page, you will be able to view and download it here.

Example of an Export

Various exports can be made throughout the site; below is an example of the process of exporting your company's contributions via the Contributions page:

To export in the Sage format, simply click on 'Sage' next to the export button and select either a csv or xls format.

Once you have selected your required export and file type, you will be redirected to the Exports page:

As you can see, I have exported two Sage csv files; at first the file you have requested for export will be in ignition state, meaning you will have to wait for a few minutes before you can download as the file is being prepared. Once the state automatically changes from ignition to success, you will have the option to click the blue Download button; doing so will download the file to your computer.

Managing Exports

You may re-visit the Exports page at any time to view and download any of your past exports. By clicking the Filter button, you can filter your exports by type:

You will also be able to see the export type, content type, state, format, file name and date created, along with the download button if the export's state is success. All exports can be made from their respective pages as shown above.

Export Types and Where to Make Exports

Below is an explanation of the different types of export with applicable links to the pages where each can be exported from. 


  • Template - Click download button on right hand side. You can edit the pre-populated values and upload the new file to be calculated.
  • Data - Use export button. This file is an export of your contribution data. You may wish to use this to update your payroll with recent calculations.


  • Data - Use export button. Download this file from the contributions page and import the results into Sage to update your payroll with recent calculations.


  • Data - Use export button. This is the latest membership data for your employees. Download this file from Contribution & Payroll > Employee Contribution (%) and Opt out info.


  • Template - Click download button on right hand side. Download this template to populate the fields with your employee details. Upload the file to the same page to then create new employees on your scheme.
  • Data - Use export button. This file is a list of all your current employee details.


  • Data - Head to Messages section and click Download all on the relevant message. A zip file of all the letters attached to a message when you click 'Download all' from the relevant message.
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