In order for your pension scheme with us to stay compliant you need to submit pension contributions to us on or before the 6th of every month. We then take payment for all outstanding contributions on the next day. This article describes how you can set up your payroll application to submit contributions by either using a CSV file, or via a payroll application that has a direct integration with our API.

Getting started with payroll 

When you set up your pension scheme with us, you also need to decide how you want to calculate pension contributions. Some businesses like to do this within their own payroll application and upload pre-calculated contributions to us, and others choose to use our own tools to do the same calculations and copy these sums back into their payroll applications. We don't mind which option you choose, it's up to you. 

What is the difference between the two options? 

The main difference is how you use your payroll application. There is also the chance that in some cases you may have to pay more to your payroll provider to be able to pre-calculate your pension contributions within your payroll application. 

Simple Payroll Applications 

If you have a simple payroll application that does not have a pension module, you may not have the ability to assess your staff and then calculate their pension contributions. In which case you will want to use our application to do this piece for you. Our tools are free to use, so you just need to tell us how much your staff have been paid and when they were paid and we do the rest. Once you are happy with the calculations you can download a spreadsheet of your employees' pension contributions and deduct these from your payroll before you submit to HMRC. On the 6th of the month, we then request payment from you via direct debit and invest the total into the pension scheme for each of the members of your scheme. 

Advanced Payroll Applications 

If your payroll application includes the ability to assess your employees and then calculate their pension contributions, you can then export these pre-calculated contributions and upload them to us to be invested. We support the Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard, Papdis 1.0 for receiving pre-calculated pension contributions. Most popular payroll applications support this standard, such as Sage, Bond, Star, QTac, MoneySoft and many more. To see a full list of supported payroll applications visit our payroll support page

If you wish to use Papdis then you can skip the Add Employees task on the to-do list as you will create accounts on Smart Pension for your employees when you upload the first contribution file.

Direct Payroll Support

Some advanced payroll applications have integrated with our API meaning that you can assess your employees, pre-calculate your pension contributions and then pass us these numbers with one click of a button within your payroll application. Much like submitting your RTI to HMRC. You can find out more here on our payroll support page

Helpful videos

We have produced a number of videos that help to demonstrate how to use our software for the options described above.

Pension Scheme Registration Number

When setting up your payroll you may be asked for the PSR number Pension Scheme Registration Number or PSR number, please note this is: 12011089

If you are asked for the name of the Pension Provider and have a list to select from we are Smart Pension, but our Master Trust is called 

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