For employees:

Please continue to login and use Smart Pension as normal, there is nothing to change or update.  You may notice that in future that when logged in the address looks like:

For advisers:

You may wish to observe and make these changes below on behalf of your clients.  Otherwise there is no action required on your part.

For employers:

We’re improving the way you and your employees access your Smart Pension scheme. This new feature allows you to personalise the website address for your company pension scheme.

Please note nothing else about how you use you Smart Pension account is changing, just the way that you sign in to it.

At present, you access your Smart Pension scheme via the same website address as everyone else:

Going forward, each company will have their account name in place of ‘my’ at the beginning of the website address. Your account name is a number that we provide for you initially but can now be changed by the person who manages your pension scheme.  

This means you could rename the account name to be your company name so your employees will be able to more easily remember it. So if your business was called Fish and Chips, you could have a personalised address like this:

Visit that address and sign in with your usual email address and password. Simple!  

We’re making this change for a number of reasons and wanted to share with you our thinking.

1. A workplace pension scheme is for life, not just for work! As you move jobs, we want to make sure you can easily find your pension scheme. An employee knows where they worked better than we do, and a company name is easier to remember than a number.  

2. We’re growing with you. Business owners with many businesses but one email address can use the same email address for each pension scheme they set up with us.

Find my pension scheme.
If you’ve forgotten your account name, you can type in the email address you use for your Smart Pension account and we will email you a link to log in with. The page looks like this and a link to it can be found on our home page.

I know my account name, but don’t have the website address handy.

If you know account name, but don’t have the website address bookmarked or can’t find a recent email from us, you can type in the scheme name in the first step of our sign in form which looks like this: 

How to personalise your account name.

If you administer your Smart Pension account and want to change your account name, just sign in to your account, select the menu icon in the top right of the screen and click ‘Company Details’. Then select ‘Update Company’ and you will arrive at a page like the one below.  

In the second field you will find your company account name. Change it to something memorable and then press the blue update button at the bottom of the form. Check the website address has changed afterwards and you are done!

What about the previous emails we’ve sent out with the old website address in?

Don’t worry, we remember every account name each company has had with us. 

If you click a link from an earlier email, we will just redirect you to the new website address for your Smart Pension account.  When we make this change we will email everyone with a Smart Pension account and let them know what their new website address is.

When is this change happening?
You will be able to personalise your account name as of the second week of November. Once we have made the change, we will send you an email with your current account name and should you wish you can use the instructions here to personalise it.

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