When logging into your account for the first time click on the large green button in the email you receive from us with a subject line similar to:
"Fred, Joe Bloggs Ltd has set up your workplace pension account!" 

You will be taken to a login page and asked to enter your email address and password. If it's the first time you're accessing your account you will need to click 'forgotten/set your password' to send yourself a password reset email (more about this below).

If this link doesn't work and you're trying to log in using a mobile device (e.g. iPad or iPhone) please check you aren't in Private Browsing Mode. For further information on Private Browsing Mode click here

If the email link is not working or you've lost the activate email? 

Each company workplace pension scheme has a unique account name and sign in page for employees.  To find out yours, go to the following link and input your email address and click the blue Find button:


You should receive an email within a few minutes with the link to the employee log in page for your employer**. 

** there may be more than one link if you are also an employer or adviser using the same email address, or have another workplace pension scheme with a different employer.

If you don't receive an email check your junk/ spam folder.

What if I haven't got a password (or have forgotten it)?

If you haven't logged in previously you should be prompted to create a password on your first log in.  It's easy to generate a password reset at any time (even if you've never logged in before).

Just click on the 'Forgotten/ set your password' link at the bottom of the sign in page (see below):

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