Re-enrolment is a three-yearly cyclical process where an employer must re-enrol certain eligible jobholders back into an automatic enrolment scheme.

If an employee has chosen to opt out of the scheme or ceased membership, the employer has the duty to re-assess them every three years. If these employees are eligible they must be re-enrolled into the scheme.

The Re-enrolment process is made up of four steps:

  1. Choose the re-enrolment date which must fall within a six-month window.

    Useful guide:
    Setting the Re-enrolment date    
  1. Re-assess certain employees who have left the scheme before the chosen re-enrolment date.

    Useful guides:
    Which employees to re-enrol?

    Please note: Postponement is not available for re-enrolment.                                       
  2. Inform employees who have been re-assessed about the re-enrolment.

    Smart Pension will do this for you if you provided email addresses for your employees, so it is recommended that you update your employee details.                      
  3. Inform The Pension Regulator that your workplace pension is still compliant by completing the re-declaration of compliance.

    Useful guides:
    Submitting a new declaration of compliance

It is important that these steps are all done so that the employer is compliant and avoids being fined by The Pension Regulator.

Official references by TPR:

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