You can also remove any fields by unchecking the boxes or click and drag the column off the table. 

Table Layout

You can change the table layout by rearranging the columns by size. Click and drag the columns to adjust the widths or use the auto resize option found in the menu. (Shortcut to auto size: double click the table to snap it in place.) You can easily restore the table settings using the option in the menu.

Filter And Search

You can search for your clients by using the filter tool (magnifying glass icon) in the header.

Sort your clients into alphabetical order or by date by clicking the field header. This will automatically sort the whole dynamic table. 

Select a company to manage their profile and view employees by clicking the eye icon.

Multiple select – Bulk Update

You can also add a new company or bulk import companies by choosing the appropriate action from the actions menu.

Select multiple companies by checking the box in the top left corner of the table. This will automatically select the first top 100 companies. Click the Bulk update button and set the fields you want to change. Press apply to save the changes. 

Next update
We are going to apply this table to the employer and employee portals in the coming weeks. This will be of particular benefit to the employer portal as it will allow for more detailed reporting of contributions and customised exports of data to suit applications you may want to import this data back into.

Additionally, data sets that require batch updating over many records (for example changing the contribution % for many scheme members) will be much simpler.

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