When and what?

In late October 2016, Smart Pension distributed almost 20,000 statements to active and deferred members of the GenLife scheme for the year ending 31 March 2016.


Statements have been placed in the Smart Pension member portals of active members.  We have:

  1. Emailed the member (where we have an email address); or

  2. Asked employers to alert their employees (where we don't have an email)**

All active members have to log into their Smart Pension member portal and view their messages to see their statement. 

** An email has been sent to the member's employer's point of contact. Employees should use their member ID and temporary password on the bottom of letters given to them by their employer over the last 1-3 months (the employers have copies) and go to the Login page

Accessing your member portal

Members who have been emailed directly about their statement may have not accessed their portal previously.  If you are struggling to log in please read this.

Some deferred members have been contacted in different ways 

For, particularly, employees who have left they former employers quite a long while ago we have not yet created a Smart Pension member portal.  Therefore, we've had to contact you differently:

Deferred members (e.g. left employment) for whom we have an email address (e.g. leavers) 

They've been emailed with a unique link to view the statement online. Over the next few months we will be creating a Smart Pension portal for these members and will email them when this is created.

Deferred members for whom we do not have an email address  

We have posted an annual statement to these members.  In order to ensure such members are fully informed of their pensions going forward we invite any members receiving a statement by post to email us on statements@smartpension.co.uk with the following details:

  • Full name and Date of Birth

  • Name of previous employer and reference on statement

Haven't received your GenLife annual statement?

This may be because you've changed address or our records are incomplete or out of date.  Please email us on employee@smartpension.co.uk and provide:

  • Full name and Date of Birth

  • Name of previous employer and reference on statement

Something wrong with your annual statement?

Please email us on employee@smartpension.co.uk and providing the reference number, your Full name and Date of Birth and Name of previous employer plus any concerns you have.

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