Setting up your Direct Debit

Learn how to set up a direct debit to pay pension contributions

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Use the instructions below to set up Direct Debit to pay your company contributions.

1 .Sign in to your Smart Pension account and select the Menu icon in the top right-hand corner

2. Select Company Details from the menu, then select the Billing page

3. Select Add new mandate. This will redirect you to a secure service where you can fill in your payment details (see example below).

4. Fill in your payment details

5. To finish setting up your Direct Debit, select the green Set up Direct Debit button and then Confirm

What payments we accept

We only accept payments via Direct Debit, from bank accounts based in the UK and denominated in Pounds Sterling (GBP). We cannot accept payments for pension contributions via BACS or in currencies other than GBP.

Choose when you pay contributions

Our pay now feature means you can pay monthly pension contributions at any point in the month. Learn more about choosing when to pay contributions

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