Sending an adviser invitation

Learn how to send an invitation to an adviser so they can access your company pension scheme

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An adviser invitation is a way to join your Smart Pension employer pension account with a firm that has a Smart Pension Adviser account. 

You can send an invitation to a trusted company that has an existing Smart Pension Adviser account. Or you can send the same invitation to an Adviser who does not yet have a Smart Pension Adviser account and they can set one up at the same time.

The invitation is a unique way to allow access to your company pension scheme. You may wish to do this if you have paid a firm to manage your pension scheme for you, or you have a firm who manages your payroll for you. 

Invite an adviser to manage your company 

Use the instructions below to allow access to your company pension scheme.

1 - Sign in to your account and go to Company Details. You can do this now by clicking on the blue icon below.

2 - Select 'Manage Advisers'

The next screen will let you select the Manage Invitations page within the Actions menu.

After clicking on Manage Invitation, the list of all your invitation links will be shown.

Press the blue Create Adviser Invitation to generate a new invitation link.

3 - Once the invitation URL has been created, you can send an invitation to the adviser by clicking on the envelope icon under the Actions column.

An Adviser invitation does not provide you (the employer or administrator) with access to other company pension schemes. Equally an Adviser with access to a company scheme that shares their account with an another adviser cannot see the client list associated to that adviser.

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