You can access the list of all employees clicking on the 'Employees' icon within the Scheme Setup section.

You can view and edit individual details for all employees who are currently contributing or are about to.

External ID

IMPORTANT! The external ID field is the reference you give your employees in your business; typically this is their payroll ID. It should be a unique reference that relates to each individual employee, as we use this field to match up employees in your Smart Pension account. It is important that you add this reference BEFORE uploading your payroll with contributions.

If you need to add new employees to this list you can do so using the Action button at the top of the page. We provide you with a form to add one employee at a time, or a bulk upload tool using a spreadsheet.

If you are outsourcing the management of your pension scheme to an adviser or payroll bureau we recommend that you let them upload employee details.

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