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Updating multiple employees and contribution percentage
Updating multiple employees and contribution percentage

Within this tool you can add employees to groups or update contribution percentages.

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This section allows you to update the employer and employee contribution percentage for multiple employees in one go. You can also add employees to groups so you can filter them easily elsewhere in the scheme manager. 


Groups are optional. If you wish to use groups, you can do so by creating a group in the scheme set up, then use the bulk update tool to select one or many employees and assign them to an existing group name. 

Contribution Percentages

Employer Contribution

The employer contribution percentage will also use the current minimum percentage set by the Pensions Regulator. If you wish to offer an employer percentage that is higher than this, you can do so here. Set the percentage you wish to use and then assign the employees who should get this percentage. 

Employee Contribution

The employee contribution percentage works in the same way. If you don’t use these options we will apply the current minimum employee percentage as defined by the Pensions Regulator. One thing to note is that employees can choose to increase their own contribution percentage within their profile. 

Matched Employer Contributions

The matched option allows you to set the employer percentage to be matched with that of the the employee up to a fixed percentage. For example; if the employer percentage is 8% matched but the employee sets their personal percentage to 5% then the employer percentage for that employee will also be 5%. To get the full 8% employer percentage available, the employee must also increase their own percentage to 8%. 

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