The expression of wish section should be filled out to let us know who the beneficiary of your pension should be in the event of your death before you are able to benefit from your policy.

Completing your expression of wish

Use the instructions below to add your beneficiaries:

1 - Sign in to your account and go to Expression of Wish in the drop down menu.

2 - Select Expression of wish

Click on Add new to create a new beneficiary.

3- Fill in your beneficiary's details and click update.

NB - If you add only one beneficiary, you must set '% of any payment due' to 100%

4- You will now see your beneficiary added. You can have more than one beneficiary. To do this click Add new and complete for the previous form again. Making sure you adjust the percentages. 

Who should I add?

That is entirely up to you. Typically this might be a spouse or another relative.

Can I change a beneficiary later?

Yes, you can edit this form as often as you like. In the event of your death, the last entry will be used as your final expression of wish.

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