As an admin or signatory, you can access your Employees list and update their details. This page is only visible to the person or people responsible for managing the scheme (Administrators or Advisers).

Updating your employee details

Use the instructions below to update employee details.

1 - Sign in to your account, click on 'Menu' in the top right-hand corner and select 'Scheme Setup' from the drop-down menu. Then select 'Employees'.

2 - You will then be able to select the 'Update' icon (an arrow in a circle) found under the Actions column for the relevant employee. Then click 'Employee Settings'.

3 - This will then take you to the Update details page for this employee. Please update all relevant fields.

We strongly recommend that you complete all fields.

Press the blue Update button to update the employee details.

Fields description

Basic details

The first few fields are for the basic details of the employee such as Name, Email, DOB and Home Address. These details can be edited by both the admin and the employee. 


Every employee is provided with a Smart Pension API key. This key provides access to the Smart Pension account for that employee via a third party application (payroll or HR for example).

If you are the admin or adviser for this account you can add the key from your profile page into a supported payroll application. See the Payroll Support page for more details. This Key cannot be edited. 

Admin information

The Update details form also displays options only available to the admin or adviser. 

Works in the UK

Select this option to confirm the employee works in the UK. 

Contribute if entitled

Should the employee be assessed as Entitled and this option is enabled then the employer will pay the appropriate employer contribution for this employee.

Start Date / Exit details

We need to know the date the employee started working for the business for AE assessment rules. Should the employee then leave the business we need to know the last date of employment (exit date) and the reason they left. 

National Insurance Number

The NI number for a member can only be edited by the admin or adviser. 

External ID

Important! This is your reference for the employee; typically this is the payroll ID. It is important that this field is added correctly so that we can match employee contributions correctly. Only the person responsible for payroll should update this field.

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