Which employees are eligible?

Information Assessment and Eligibility

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You can assess your employees individually from the Employee contribution (%) / Opt out info page within your account.

What is an assessment?

Before you can enrol your employees into a pension scheme you, need to assess their eligibility. This is done as of the company staging date. Employees are assessed using many factors including their age, how much they earn and when they get paid (weekly, monthly, etc.). Pension contributions are calculated based on the employer and employee percentages, and these amounts are invested in the employees pension scheme. 

What is an individual assessment?

You might wish to assess your employees one at a time if you have uploaded your payroll for the majority of your employees but need to assess new joiners. This form is also useful for employers who have a small number of employees and don?t use a payroll application. 

What happens when I assess my employees?

Once an employee has been assessed, we send them a letter which tells them if they have been automatically enrolled or not. Eligible employees can now start paying into their pension scheme. Employees who are not considered eligible have the choice to opt in and pay into their pension scheme. 

Can I assess all my employees at once?

Typically assessment is carried out as part of your payroll process. You can use our software to assess your employees and then update your payroll software with the relevant calculations. Or you can send us a pre-assessed payroll file which details the assessment calculation and the different pension contributions.

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