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Fixing errors with your PAPDIS upload
Fixing errors with your PAPDIS upload

The most common errors with PAPDIS uploads and how to fix them

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When you upload your PAPDIS file and something isn't quite right, we'll let you know the errors we've encountered.

If your file upload has a “Fail” status, please see our dedicated article for help.

When your file upload shows an “Errors detected” status, it means that while some data has been successfully uploaded, we have detected errors that require correction. Each specific error will be displayed on the screen.

You’ll need to correct the errors and re-upload amended records only. Please note you should not re-upload the previously successful records from the file.

It's important to make sure that your payroll software is amended to reflect any error correction. Failure to do this may cause the error to reoccur in the next file upload.

In the below table, you'll find the most common error messages when your file upload has an “Errors detected” status and how to fix them.



How to fix

The pay period start date must be one day after the end of the previous pay period. e.g. 01 July 2023.

The pay period specified in the file doesn’t follow the last pay period uploaded for this employee, this could mean there is a pay period missing.


We already have contribution information for this pay period.

No action required if we already have a contribution for the pay period.

Where there are missing periods, you will need to create those contributions first before uploading the current one again.

Contribution rates are below the legal minimum.

The contribution rates are below the legal minimum for auto enrolment.

The company percentage must be at least 3% and the total percentage must be at least 8%.*

*for certified schemes, this amount may be different, please check your pensionable earnings basis for details.

Correct the percentages.

Make sure the correct contribution amount has been calculated and upload the file again.

This National Insurance number is already linked to an employee.

The National Insurance number is already in use on another employee record.

Check the employee ID is correct.

If the employee is a rehire, you will need to remove the NI number (and email address) from the previous record. Once you have done this, upload the record again.

National Insurance number format is wrong.

There is an invalid NI number in column R on the PAPDIS file.

Correct the NI number to a valid one and reload the file again.

If you do not know the correct NI number or only have a temporary one, please delete from the file and upload the file again.

The ‘Ends on’ date cannot be before active membership starts on, opt in on or employment starts on date.

The file contains an ‘ends on’ date which is before the opt in on, or employment start date.

Correct the date to be on or after the opt-in date or employment start date, and then upload the record again.

Employment start date format is wrong.


Exit date format is wrong.

The dates highlighted in the error are in the incorrect format.

Enter the date in the format of DD-MM-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD and upload the file again.

Group is missing.

Column D on the PAPDIS file is blank.

Add a group name for each record to the column.

If you don't use groups, you can add ‘default’ in column D, (all lower case) and upload the file again.

The employment start date doesn’t match our existing record for this employee.

The employment start date in column Z of the PAPDIS file doesn't match the employment start date on the employees record.

You can't change an employee's employment start date through file upload. If you need to update these details, please update the employee record manually by going to Menu> Scheme set up> Employees > Update.

If you still need any support or help, please contact us.

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