The Users section can be accessed by heading to the Dashboard and then clicking the Users option, pictured below.

From here you will see a full list of users who can access your adviser account, pictured below.

This is also where you can add new users and update or delete current ones. Each of these are explained below.

Adding a New User

To add a new user to your account, begin by pressing the New User button at the bottom left of the Users page. This will bring you to the form pictured below, which should be filled out with the new user's details.

Once all information has been filled in, click the Create button at the bottom left of the form. This will create and add your new user account which will now be able to access the adviser account. They will also now show up on the Users page, and can be updated or deleted form there.

Updating an Existing User

To update an existing user, begin by pressing the Update button next to the user account you wish to edit. This will bring you to a form containing the user's current details which can then be edited.

Once finished, click the Update button at the bottom of the form and the new changes will be saved.

Deleting a Current User

Current users can be deleted by pressing the Delete button next to the user you wish to delete. Once deleted, this user will no longer have access to your adviser account; if you have made a mistake and wish to add them again, you must create a new user account (explained above).

Who should I add to my Users?

The only people who should be added to your Adviser account as users should be those who have permission to view and administrate companies on the account.

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