To add a new company to your Adviser Account, begin by viewing your companies

On the Manage Clients page, press the Actions button at the bottom left of the screen, followed by Create a new company This will bring you to the form shown below, where you can fill in information for the company you wish to add.

If the company you are adding does not have a Registration Number, use your internal ID number for this company in the Registration Number field.

If the company's trading address is different from its registered address, be sure to tick the My trading address is different from my registered address checkbox and fill out the appropriate trading address details.

A second director can also be added by pressing the Add A Second Director button at the bottom of the form. Note that an agreement email will automatically be sent to the director(s) once the company is added.

Finally, press the Create button at the bottom left of the form to add the company to your adviser account's list. The company will now show up in your list of managed companies on your adviser account, as shown below.

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