To invite a new Adviser to manage a company with you, begin by viewing your company list here. If you are unaware about what an Advise Invitation is, please read our full help article.

Once you are on the Companies page, press the View button next to the company you wish to send an invite for. This will bring you to the company's page shown below, where you can press the Invitations button in order to invite another adviser.

The Invitations page for the company you have chosen, shown below, includes vital information regarding Adviser Invitations. We recommend that you read through this information before continuing.

Once you are ready to send an invitation, press the Create Invitation button to generate an invitation link, shown below.

You can choose to either give this link directly to the adviser you wish to invite, or press the Send By Email button, which will automatically generate an email to the company's director. This email details the steps which need to be taken by the invited party in order to accept the invitation, shown below.

A full guide on accepting an invite to advise a company can be found here.

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