What is an adviser invitation?

A quick explanation on adviser invitations

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An adviser invitation is a way to join your Smart Pension employer pension account with a firm that has a Smart Pension Adviser account. 

You can send an invitation to a trusted company that has an existing Smart Pension Adviser account, or you can send the same invitation to an Adviser who does not yet have a Smart Pension Adviser account and they can set one up at the same time.

The invitation is a unique way to allow access to your company pension scheme. You may wish to do this if you have paid a firm to manage your pension scheme for you, you have a firm who manages your payroll for you, or you are an IFA or Accountant responsible for the scheme set up but want someone else to mange the ongoing payroll. 


You should only share account access with someone you trust. Advisers you add for this company will not have access to other companies in your account; just the one they have been invited for.

Sending and Accepting Invitations

If you have not sent an invitation but wish to do so, you can follow our guide here. Alternatively if you have received one and wish to accept, you can follow these steps.

Resending invitations or revoking access

If you have sent an invitation and it has not been accepted you may send a new one.
You can revoke access to an adviser at any point by signing into the company account and under Adviser access selecting the revoke button next to the relevant adviser.

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