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Change who receives emails from Smart Pension
Change who receives emails from Smart Pension

Choose who receives emails and other notifications about your Smart Pension account

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We send three different types of notification email:

  1. Scheme emails – to let you know about any changes that affect your pension scheme. For example, changes to the minimum contribution percentages or re-enrolment reminders.

  2. Membership emails – these let you know about employees who have opted out or ceased membership, those who have asked to join the scheme, and employee requests to change their contribution percentage.

  3. Billing emails – these let you know about Direct Debits and payments. 

You can use the notification centre to define up to 20 recipients for each type of email.

To set recipients in the notification centre: 

  • sign in to your account and select Company details from the menu in the top right corner. 

  • choose Notifications centre from the company details dashboard

  • add new email addresses by typing them into the relevant field and pressing enter on your keyboard.

  • remove email addresses by clicking the cross that appears to the right of them. 

  • you'll see a notification in the corner of the screen when an email address is successfully added or removed. 

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