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Frequently asked questions about our new pay now feature
Frequently asked questions about our new pay now feature
Written by Smart Pension Support
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I can't find the 'pay now' feature?

If this option is not available, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • you do not have an active Direct Debit mandate in place

  • you have not uploaded any contributions

  • all of your contributions are within an opt out window

  • you currently have a payment in process

I have multiple payroll frequencies?

You will be able to create a payment each time you upload contributions or you can create one payment a month once all the payrolls have been uploaded.

Please note, we will not support overlapping payments so you may need to wait for one to complete before creating a new payment.

I have contributions for employees within opt out periods?

We will continue to hold back the collection of contributions during the member’s opt out period. Once the opt out window is over, the contributions will be collected within the next payment collection that you authorise or the 7th of the month if that is sooner.

If you do not create a payment, these contributions will be automatically collected on the 7th of the following month.

I do not have enough money in my bank account when you collect payment?

You will be able to create a new payment at any point after the payment has failed.

If you do not create a payment, we will continue to retry failed or cancelled payments on the 7th of each month. If there are other contributions with the same collection date, we will collect one payment based upon the combined total, not two separate payments.

However, if you rely on collection to take place on the next 7th of the month, we may have to report you to The Pensions Regulator for late payments who may take regulatory action against you.

I use the Smart assessment tool to calculate contributions in advance or annually?

We will no longer hold advance uploads back from payments. All uploaded contributions will be collected if the employer uses the pay now function or they will be collected on the 7th of the following month regardless of pay period end date.

We will contact all employers who have uploaded pre-assessed contributions in advance and give them the option to remove these contributions and upload them at a later date.

I pay by Bacs?

For overseas employers who pay by Bacs, there will be no change to the process. However, contributions will be invested immediately after the payment is received.

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