Updating adviser accounts

How to edit your account details

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To edit the details of your account head to the home page and then click the Account option, pictured below. You can edit your organisation and personal details from the Account page. You can also change your password from here

Organisation details

  1. Click on the Organisation details button to view a list of the organisations you manage.

  2. To make changes to the organisation click on the Edit details button.

  3. Make the required changes and click on Save.

Personal details

  1. Click on the Personal details button to view your current details.

  2. Click on the Edit details button to make any changes.

  3. Once you have made the required changes, click on Save.

Change password

  1. Click on the Change password button to enter your existing password and add a new one. The password needs to be a minimum of 14 characters with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

  2. Enter your current password and the new one and click on Change password.

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