Viewing your clients

How to view the list of clients you or other users on your adviser account manage

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  1. To view your list of clients sign in to the home page and then click the Clients option, pictured below.

  2. From here you will see a full list of clients you and your team manage, pictured below.

  3. View more details on a client by clicking on the red expansion arrow to the right of the client name.

Customising the clients view

There are several options that allow you to customise the view of the clients list.


  1. The Settings button allows you to choose which details you want to be displayed at all times in the clients list. Click on Settings to choose from the available options.

  2. You can choose between Account name, State, Scheme start date, Legal Structure and PAYE reference as shown below.

  3. Click on Save and the selected options will be visible in the list.


  1. You can use the Sort button in the menu bar to change the order you view your list of clients in. Click on the Sort button to see a list of options.

  2. Make your selections and click on Save.


  1. Clients can be filtered by clicking on the Filter button in the menu bar at the top of the list.

  2. This then provides you with a list of filter options that you can select, and then refine further.

  3. Once you have applied the filters they will appear at the top of the clients list and can be easily turned off by clicking in the X in the top right of each filter description. In the example below the filter applied is "Name".

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