Adding multiple clients

Outlines required fields and types for multiple client imports

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You can import multiple clients using a csv or xls file. If the clients are transfers from other providers you will need to contact the New Business Team on 0330 1247 409.

Preparing your file

Before you upload your file you need to ensure that it has the minimum required fields to create a client listed below.

Minimum required fields

  • Company Name

  • Company Registered Address

  • Legal Structure

  • Registration Number

  • Director Email

  • Director Forename

  • Director Surname

All Fields and their types

All field types and the required format to include in the upload file are outlined below. There are additional optional fields on the template that can be completed at the upload stage and this will save you or your client having to complete this information at a later date.

The fields need to be in the exact required format.

  • Fields are Alpha Numeric unless otherwise stated. Alpha Numeric fields (not Date) can have a maximum of 255 characters.

  • Fields whose value can only be one of a predefined list of options, for example, Pensionable Earnings, are case sensitive. E.g. in the case of Pensionable Earnings, “banded” is a valid value but “Banded” is not.




Company Name

My Company Name

Legal Structure

Limited Company

Must be one of the following options: [Limited Company, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Unincorporated Association, Ordinary Business Partnership, Sole Trader, Charity, Other]

Registration Number

123456 or 123abc

Registered Address 1

123 Example Street

Registered Address 2

Example Town, UK

Registered Address Postcode


Trading Address 1

123 Example Street

Trading Address 2

Example Town, UK

Trading Address Postcode


Director Email

Director Forename


Director Surname


Director Date of Birth

23/03/1932 or 23-03-1932

Director Postcode


Director Two Email

Director Two Forename


Director Two Surname


Director Two Date of Birth

23/03/1932 or 23-03-1932

Director Two Postcode


Staging Date

14/04/2016 or 14-04-2016

Pensionable Earnings


Must be one of the following options: [banded, unbanded, tier1, tier2, tier3]

Automatic Postponements

1 week

Must be one of the following options: [1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months]

Add multiple clients

  1. Sign in as an adviser and go to the Clients page.

  2. Click on Add clients and select Add multiple clients.

  3. If you want to, you can download a template from the Add multiple clients page.

  4. To upload a file either drag and drop it into the dialog box below or click on choose a file and browse to it. Once selected, click on Upload file.

  5. You will be taken to the file Uploads page where you should see a list of all uploaded files with their status. You can expand the file details to view more information on the status and the results of the file upload.

Reviewing errors

If the upload reports any errors, the same file can be modified and re-uploaded to the records that previously had issues. No duplication of companies will occur (duplication constraint is on Company Name). The following show some example errors.


  1. The ‘Fail’ status means the file failed to upload. To view more details on the reason click on the red arrow to view additional information.

  2. You can click on Download to download the file. Click on View to see the errors in more detail.

Errors detected

  1. ‘Errors detected’ means that the file was uploaded but with errors.

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