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Can I choose where my pension savings are invested?
Can I choose where my pension savings are invested?

How to manage your investments with Smart Pension.

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Yes, you can choose where your pension savings are invested. We have a range of investments which aim to suit the needs of the majority of our members
For those who want to build their investments, we offer a range of individual funds, called 'self-select' funds. These funds cover the following areas:

  • Equities

  • Bonds

  • Cash

  • Multi-asset funds, including risk-rated funds for those with certain risk appetites

  • Shariah-compliant fund

  • Impactful and ethical funds, including a fossil fuel-free fund

We also offer investment strategies, which automatically move your investments for you as you approach retirement. There are a range of investment strategies to choose from, including choices on how you want your money invested during the 'growth' phase of the strategy, and if you have a specific retirement option in mind for when you retire. If you do not make a choice on where your pension savings are invested then we will choose one of these investment strategies automatically for you.

Where possible we aim to positively integrate Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors into the investments we make available. The Smart Sustainable Growth Fund also has a goal of being net zero by 2040, and we will continue to progress our investments to meet this goal. You can find out more about our sustainability here.

More details on the funds offered, including the default investment option, can be found in your investment guide, available within your Smart Pension account. If you are a member of a bespoke arrangement you may have different options available. Investment options and fees may change over time.

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